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  1. dogfish120

    Ryan Skyy Ft. Niki Darling - DONE (Bakteria Remix)

    oh trust me i did, this is a bad boy, i most certianly grabbed it.....
  2. dogfish120

    Rickyxsan & Dirty Audio - Gettin' that

    I would love to get this record.... does anyone have it? its obviously not released yet but someone has to have a promo copy of it.....
  3. dogfish120

    Joyryde - KICKIN OFF

    reup please, and PM me when its live....
  4. dogfish120

    Dubloadz - What's Poppin'?

    this is trash.... almost sounds like the vocals aernt even synced up correctly on the kicks..... jesus!!!
  5. dogfish120

    Goldwyn - No Diggity

    need to better quality my man..... deff not a 320, sounds like im listening to this track down the hall, or with a pillow over the record.... either shitty ass mixdown and master, or its just compressed as shit, either way id love to download this and spin it it out but i cant in the condition its in..... what a shame....
  6. dogfish120

    Wayne Dudley Ft. Jay Newman - What Must I Do

    still sick tho... and its in between Jackin and Deep, id consider this to be jackin aka garage n bassline.... i feel its too high energy and the bassline is to thick for deep house....
  7. dogfish120

    Ryan Skyy Ft. Niki Darling - DONE (Bakteria Remix)

    wheres the zippyshare link main........ need dat... dont want it, NEED IT... lol but overall a heavyweight for sure!!! A real bad boy choon here...
  8. really wish we had the instrumental for this jaint.... this is a straight smoker!! It would be a nasty ass heater if it was an instrumental version tho.....
  9. yessir... and i like this version, the LO99 remix, the most.... straight bad boy choon, heavyweight riddem
  10. dogfish120

    James Hype & Dean E G - Be Free

    i agree with @blessup this does sound like old Foamo... when Foamo was poundin out them bad boy riddems, dem heavyweight choons.....
  11. Here is an attempt at a re-up....idk if its a 320, its oinly 9.5mb http://www26.zippyshare.com/v/t9d0kJnH/file.html
  12. download button is not allowing me to download.... i click the little arrow but nothing is happening.... its playing the record and i love this bad boy heavyweight but its not doing anything when i click the arrow.... wtf
  13. dogfish120

    Metacentric - Visions

    Fucking Epic!!!

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