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  1. Kool i just moved here from Miami actually looking to do a night out here so it would be good to link up and see what you have in mind please send me a proposal sort of format on what you have in mind for the event so i can put it together and send me your info...peace

  2. ... awesome, I can't re upload this tune every day

  3. both those links are already down again..... are you sure you re upped them lol, can you please re up them both but most importantly the Tchami remix and send it to me in a personal message please!!! Thanks!!

  4. the link is already down again, reup plz lol

  5. hey man i got some awsome spots for you to peep in denver, i dont live there but i have toured thru there many times, and its always harder to leave denver each time i pass thru on tour.... smh i will prob end up living there eventually..... message me for some more info on the best clubs to talk to about getting a monthly or bi weekly deep house party....

  6. probably something along the lines of back of head facial haircut...

  7. exactly (lol)

  8. well i dont even know wtf i would type into search for it.....

  9. I lost it actually

    If someone found it and linked me, maybe I would consider changing it ;)

  10. thanks man, big ups! sorry if I didnt get around to making that jackin pack. I've been busy lately and havent been buying as many tunes

  11. Love all your posts bro, same taste in house music man... much respect and huge ups!!!