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  2. sun (alex metric remix) is up now

  3. congrats on fire m8

  4. hahaha nice avatar

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  6. nice bum where ya from

  7. Sounds good. Thanks for listening

  8. ty for info... will look into the matter :)

    next time if there is problem PM me with details already ok? :)

  9. For example, mister Kruga banned someone for calling him out on insulting someone else, then when I and others criticized him for it, he closed the topic then made the OP start a new thread about the same thing. When I asked why he closed the thread, he said the last one went "offtopic." He edited my next post that had me asking something about him banning the kid who hadn't done anything wrong to make it only include the second part of the post, which was about the topic (the nest).

  10. more specific?

  11. You need to re-evaluate who you trust with banning and editing posts...