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  1. If people on this site start giving you praise for the work you do, you know there is a problem.

  2. I love you guys so much, been supporting since the very beginning and i get a really bad sense that it hasent gone to well for you guys as of late (Ryan leaving, lots of hate with the recent music coming out, etc), but the true Heli fans will always support you and the great music you guys always put out! Cheers!

    -Luke of the Great Canadia

  3. Great Escape will always be my favorite.

  4. Not really a remix. I mean we just chopped up the original song, we had no stems. It was just to play out live.
  5. So this started almost a year ago as a simple edit of Porter Robinson's "Language" so we could play it at 140bpm but it slowly materialized into something a bit more. It still retains quite a bit of the original song and allowed us to experiment a bit. tl;dr This is not a remix, more of an edit-bootleg
  6. Helicoptaundria

    Filth Collins - Blow Your Speakers

    Love this tune! More like this!
  7. Helicoptaundria

    Oscillator Z - Alpha AF

    ragga step
  8. New mix Helicopter Showdown - SuperHype - SummerTime - FestivalFun Mix 2013
  9. Helicoptaundria

    Helicopter Showdown & Virtual Riot - Cali Born

    It doesn't change tempo, its at 140 :)
  10. Helicoptaundria

    Helicopter Showdown - Nobody Loves No One

    Well you know what?! We take that BACK! If you PM us a nice apology message we well send u a secret dubplate collab remix with someone HUGE!
  11. Helicoptaundria

    Helicopter Showdown - Nobody Loves No One

    Doesn't matter. Still downloaded.
  12. Helicoptaundria

    Helicopter Showdown - Nobody Loves No One

    Meh. Rather keep the nudes. You ain't got nothing to trade worth a damn, I already know.
  13. Helicoptaundria

    Helicopter Showdown - Nobody Loves No One

    Making music so terrible people need to fly us across the globe just to hear us live. What a bunch of idiots do they even know how bad we suck?!
  14. Helicoptaundria

    Helicopter Showdown - Nobody Loves No One

    If we suck so bad then why are there 2 inbox messages that you sent us BEGGING for tunes? Don't suck us off in a private message and try and act cool in front of your homies here, big guy. You love us and you want every tune we ever produced in the history of time

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