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  1. those pictures make it make total sense on how its just history repeating itself, ugh i need to watch 3.33 now

  2. its totally their style to throw in all this subtle shit to get your brain going. i think it would be awesome if its really in the future and these events repeat themselves. kinda like how lost was

  3. idk i think the rebuilds are like a remake and they've decided to add some shit to spice it up and not make it the same exact story which is cool and i like but throws me off sometimes lol

  4. also this one, while being similar to the last one i linked, shows all the tombs or whatever of the angels


  5. ive heard mixed reviews. but its EVA. its always gonna be weird, abstract and controversial. takes several views to fully appreciate and understand imo. i have 1.11 and 2.22 on blu ray and they are amazing and beautiful to watch. some are saying that these remakes are actually not just a retelling of the original story (although it is) but its really in the future and the events just keep repeating throughout history


    fucking awesome and a mind fuck

  6. yeah man

    i couldn't find a good rip with english subs but i haven't looked recently

    my friends said it was good though

  7. stoked for 3.33? unless you have already scene it in japanese

  8. thanks loved your unit-01 avatar

  9. Hey man was wondering if you could zippy Nero - Welcome Reality (Deluxe Edition) (2011) since filesonic is down. much appreciated in advanced