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  1. Becs

    CloudNone - From Here

  2. Becs

    Young Mindz - Oh No

    Moved to Requests
  3. Becs

    Young Mindz - Bounce

    Hi @L0iS, I have moved this thread to the requests section because you haven't provided a download link.
  4. Becs

    Chase & Status - Retreat 2018 (ILLAMENT BOOTLEG)

    @Arkaid13Back in the days there were a lot of artists who asked for removal. We don't actually host any music on this site and it's not our responsibility to track down whoever uploaded the track to an external site and request for removal. The artist can petition the website it was uploaded to if they choose
  5. Becs

    Deemed - Polish The Pistol (Original Mix)

    Knew you would be back at some point
  6. Becs

    Jonny L - In A Jungle (BCee Remix)

    No worries guys, thanks for replying Moved
  7. Becs

    CloudNone - From Here

    It would be beautiful to one who hasn't listened to much future garage before. Check out sorrow, asa and submerge to get a better view
  8. Becs

    State of: "TRAP"

    Glad we are on the same wavelength man
  9. Becs

    State of: "TRAP"

    Yeah, there will still be need for moderation.. however It will remove angst over what genre belongs where, because it will all be under the same umbrella, and things that have multiple genres can be recognised under multiple tags. I also believe this will then free up the Future Beats section and return it to genuine Experimental tracks that don't belong to a genre while at the same time allowing things that could be considered Future House to be posted in the House section with an -experimentalhouse tag
  10. Becs

    State of: "TRAP"

    I think the only REAL answer here is to go the way of every other smart private tracker and just have: Trance, Drum and Bass, Experimental, House, Trap, Garage, Hardcore ETC... and lump them all in those sections (in other words, getting rid of subgenres entirely. And then all you would need to do is tag each track Eg. Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound -drumandbass Joker - Boat -purple Then you would have a search function where you could select all -purple tagged tracks
  11. Becs

    State of: "TRAP"

    Perhaps the answer is to rename the entire thing "Experimental" and leave it at that. That will then clog up the section with absolute crap, and no one will want anything to do with it anymore, because it will be chaos. Lol
  12. Becs

    State of: "TRAP"

    I disagree that Experimental shouldn't be used. I think it perfectly describes what is going on here - when a new genre is created, it's because an artist was experimenting with the boundaries of that genre. It's only really experimental until someone comes along with a name and every artist jumps on board with the new style (thereby adding to the MASS of genres we have here on cllv). I'm sure, for example, liquid dnb was considered experimental dnb until everyone jumped on it. or that 'hybrid trap' and 'purple dubstep' was experimental trap and atmospheric/experimental dubstep respectively.. correct me if i'm wrong. The only thing going on here that really needs addressing is that no one has a name for Future Bass/Beats other than 'future bass/beats'. This is because (as Ganjastep has mentioned previously), Future Bass/Beats is a genre of experimental genres. Not a genre at all really. But what can you do?

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