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  1. Becs

    KOAN Sound - Polychrome LP

    ripper of a track with the perfect name to describe a new lp from koan sound
  2. Becs

    GLXY - Luminescence

    thank you boss
  3. Becs

    Total Science-Turn Around EP

    thanks bro
  4. Becs

    Lubdub - any & all albums

    search yielded nothing for Lubdub, if anyone has any of their albums please give us a shout, or if there is more interest for some albums than just me, ill buy them myself https://lubdub.bandcamp.com/album/lubdub
  5. Hey you, miss you're face around here:friends:

  6. As per your request :ganja3:

  7. Becs

    Where do you download your music from?

    Hi, Yeah seedboxes are pretty great. They don't just give you a ratio boost though, the way w.cd works benefits those with higher internet speeds (specifically your upload speed). Seedboxes put you at the top of the seeding list.. i.e if you are downloading and seeding all of the popular torrents, you will get a shit load of upload credit/buffer. Regarding your question Magique, you can easily get by on whatcd by filling requests. honestly ive spent about $30 on filling requests and now have 100gb of buffer that ive been struggling to spend for the better part of a year now. $20-30 is not too much to ask for considering youd spend a lot more than that on releases without w.cd
  8. Becs

    Sweater Beats & KAMAU - Hey Ya

    its not a rework, its not even really a remix, its just their own song with some shitty outkast sampling/manipulated vocal
  9. hey, sorry i took so long to reply. and sorry im not really around anymore. life got really busy. actually life completely changed for me and i find myself with absolutely no time for the internet haha. hopefully ill find a nice routine and get back into cllv sometime in the future

    1. stijn1191


      Ah no problem ;), real life comes first 

      Good luck, i'll probably see you around here from time to time ^^

  10. Becs where are you? i don't see you here that much anymore (now that i am writing this i see you'r still active, with liking, though ^^)

  11. Becs

    2015 Events

    ah yes dude, thats fucking awesome
  12. Happy New Year!


    1. Becs


      ay thanks canc, it was great. bit of alcohol, weed and amazing company through the night, well into the morning. couldnt ask for anything more in life. how was yours?

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