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  1. Hey you, miss you're face around here:friends:

  2. As per your request :ganja3:

  3. hey, sorry i took so long to reply. and sorry im not really around anymore. life got really busy. actually life completely changed for me and i find myself with absolutely no time for the internet haha. hopefully ill find a nice routine and get back into cllv sometime in the future

    1. stijn1191


      Ah no problem ;), real life comes first 

      Good luck, i'll probably see you around here from time to time ^^

  4. Becs where are you? i don't see you here that much anymore (now that i am writing this i see you'r still active, with liking, though ^^)

  5. Happy New Year!

    1. Becs


      ay thanks canc, it was great. bit of alcohol, weed and amazing company through the night, well into the morning. couldnt ask for anything more in life. how was yours?

  6. thanks, for your support =)

  7. fuck dude thats horrible im sorry

  8. why thank you young lady

    the whole thread was a good opportunity to catch up with all the releases ive lost of the year when my HDD crashed last month. lazy person doesnt organize his music for a year and is thrown back to december 2014 :/

  9. im thanking you for the reminder my friend

  10. dude, as if you didnt already know more than half the tunes i posted in the 'best of 2015' thread

  11. can you fix the title to the koan sound track i just posted? thank you!

  12. Thanks :D spread the love!