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  1. you sir, are a GOD of cllv. hats off to you, and thank you for the uploads.

    1. Arkaid13


      No problem man <3

  2. Welcome back :)

    1. nickkoko


      Thanks man! Good to be back :)

  3. GRATS ON GOLD FAM!!!!! Thank for uploading :)

    1. Hazl


      Thanks bro :) No problem, this site has had such a big impact on my tastes in music over the years, I want to give back the best way I can :drinks:

  4. Congrats on your new role!

  5. I'm going to be less active from now on. Mainly because I can't be bothered spending so much of my spare time uploading and posting. Hope you guys enjoyed some of the tunes I posted :) 

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    2. Sampler1


      much love!

    3. Chardlz


      Thanks dude, you'll be loved and remembered for many moons to come

    4. SchizoDJ


      Much respect!!! Thank you for your time and endless efforts!!! Peace from Tallahassee. :)


  6. Grats on VIP :ganja3:I've been inactive for too long and missed stuff apparently

    1. Arkaid13


      Far too long :( But thanks dude!

  7. VIP looking good! :drinks:

  8. gratz on vip

  9. Congratulations on the VIP!

  10. Congrats on VIP :) xx

    1. Arkaid13


      Get outta here kid

    2. Bukaake




    3. Arkaid13


      xD plsssss


  11. Even among the Elite you prove yourself beyond that, Thank You!


    VIP for You! :ganja3:

  12. Yo i was wandering if you possibly  had this song since you uploaded the quix remix




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    2. K I M M Y

      K I M M Y

      1.5 dollars or something, dno really think its about the same as the quix remix, because they were released togheter.

    3. Arkaid13


      For some reason it isn't actually available in my country LMAO. 

    4. K I M M Y

      K I M M Y

      Darn it! thanx for trying tho :)

  13. 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being active man. Much appreciated <3

  14. big ups on that l o j rauthentic release!