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  1. koko23

    AKOV - The Virus

    thing sure,def not dnb tempo
  2. koko23

    Furney - Night Night vs Escalator

    my favorite "new" artist
  3. koko23

    Receptor - Find You (feat. Pat Fulgoni)

    thanks FrnchPAir!and Emily for the wav!,best track of the week!
  4. koko23

    Wilkinson - All For You (Macky Gee Remix)

    wilkinson's sounds..gee just remix them,i mean what a shitty post
  5. koko23

    Fox Stevenson - Go Like (D&B Remix)

    Music converter do flac and is free if on apple...
  6. koko23

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Bloodclaaart

    simply another tune,nothing special here,actually even boring,thanks for the post anyway
  7. koko23

    Delta Heavy - Only In Dreams LP

    Gattsu moderator?is it a joke?
  8. koko23

    Furney, LADY EMZ - Soundclash

    would love this one without the vocal..anyway thank u 4 the post
  9. koko23

    What is Juke/Footwork

    Juke/Footwork,nothing to do in DNB section,just my thought
  10. koko23

    Qua Rush - Shaolin Sun

    https://beatexs.com/96uignndi7op here ya go dear friend
  11. koko23

    Commix - Games

    a breeeeze..thanks x-cert!
  12. koko23

    ZEM - Feel This Sound

    i'm sorry,just realize YOU did this track,so i'm gonna be more constructive here,rythmic and melodic quite nice but the woman sample just to much all the way...
  13. koko23

    ZEM - Feel This Sound

    you feel free to like it,i feel free to hate it!it's not because something is free,that it's good and when you listen a track you obviously has something to do with "them"my dear
  14. koko23

    K+Lab - Space Dirt (2013)

    thanks to post but not even one d'b track,and not the good tempo at half speed,you really are in the wrong section
  15. koko23

    Liquid V Summer Vibes Dum and Bass

    Boogaloo is there

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