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  1. In which thread did you tell us how you get these releases so fast (0-day). I have been trying to find that track/thread and didn't want to annoy you for such a small problem. But I can't seem to remember it even if I force my head.


  2. Congratulations on the VIP!

  3. You have truly shown yourself to be among the Golden of CllV!


    Gold for You! :ganja3:

    1. apocolyps755


      Thank you ganja. I'm trying to ensure to deliver fire everyday.

  4. hey man, can i get reup on the new megalodon ep

    1. apocolyps755


      Will do when I get home from work tonight. Ill let you know.

    2. apocolyps755
  5. Thank you for being part of CllV!


    Donor for You! :ganja3:

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      Thank you very much!!! I appreciate this community and its contributions. :thankyou:

  6. Great Escape will always be my favorite.

  7. Hey dude, can you Re-up Kavinsky - Outrun LP?

  8. SO, any plans on revealing the DeadCast #13 tracklist??? :D

  9. can you please re up Triage- Party Foul