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  1. Thanks man! And good to have you back (beer)

  2. whoa man congratz on full mod :)

    i've been off the forum for a while now didn't see that haha.

  3. Just in case you are interested, I've updated the Coupon Thread with 2 new coupons :)


  4. No no : D I thank U Marq : ) Cheers m8 (beer)

  5. please keep that vintage culture coming and thank you:)

  6. Hello Marq :)

    Thanks Friend, Cheers :)

  7. wait wot ? V.I.P ? you deserve it man :D


  8. the chick is Angie Griffin. CeRJ found her :D

  9. wish i knew bro

  10. Lool that was great! Definitely put a positive twist on what was basically a bitch thread!

  11. Glad to be part of the awesome club :)

  12. I need to know, tho is the girl in your sig man ?