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  1. hey do you have the other cliff edge remixs? looking for ARMNHMR Remix 

  2. fuck yea thanks for the reup man :)

  3. Yes, yes it does. i get lost in it every time i see you post hahaha

  4. so my avy wins everything ehh? :D

  5. shit'll make you forget the doctor even exists lol

  6. hah thanks man. a few dabs a day will keep that doctor away

  7. lololololol love your name and avatar, smoke on good sir

  8. Word word, glad to hear you are safe. Think I'm actually coming to New Orleans for Thanksgiving this year, hopefully it isn't completely destroyed at that point lol.

    Hilarious that I was the first thank you ever got. That is a goddamn esteemed honor in my book :) Keep up the good work homie!!! I can't count the # of tracks I've gotten from you (and thanked you for) lol

  9. ehh Baton Rouge so just some really rough wind so far...only thing we really have to worry about I'm sure are all the trees around us. :x

    thanks man :) you know you were the first person to ever thank my first song upload? :D oh how time flies...


  10. Snap you live in Louisiana? Anywhere near the flooding and shit? All my family is there. Best wishes if you are dealing with that

  11. Oh. No worries haha. :)

  12. lol it means most people dont message when they reup something. Mostly, i was thanking you haha

  13. What's that supposed to mean? (hmm)

    I like helping people

  14. look at you, being all helpful and shit :P