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  1. Bulker

    Bulker - Child's Play

    Just kidding obviously, if you enjoy this, follow me on Soundcloud, I'm literally only a mere 6.5 million away from Skrillex!
  2. Bulker

    Bulker - Child's Play

    eww such garbage, get it off this website
  3. Bulker

    Woodlock & Flaxdubz - Steady Murkin'

    Sounds so much like an old 5OHMAN tune
  4. Bulker

    Ivory & SampliFire - Game Over

    Ivory & especially Samplifire used to be so unique and ahead of the Dubstep game. Then there's this EP.. This is so generic, repetitive and boring. I can already see the whole of America headbanging and go wild over this and scream OMG IM BREAKING MY NECK. What a let down
  5. haha its nice to see you're still around my friend

  6. Bulker

    Draco & Shobi - Desert VIP

    pretty dope clash of styles
  7. Bulker

    Walter Wilde & Boogie T. - Hella Good

    Unpopular opinion, but this is such a boring, cheezy & simple tune. Why everyone is circle jerking over them is beyond me.
  8. Bulker

    Trampa - Freakshow

    I feel like I've heard this Trampa song 3 times before already
  9. Bulker

    Zomboy - Hide N' Seek

  10. Bulker

    Subtronics & Squnto - Thunderdome

    This sounds like a glitched out version of MONXX & Walter Wilde - The Wonky Song (X Rated Version)
  11. Bulker

    Hukae - Fa Dorce

    Tune and a half
  12. I have not experienced this, but this feels like that fucked 'there is a corrupt WordPress plugin but I don't know which one'. The way to solve that is to move away the entire plugin folder (FL Studio will open without any plugins loaded I assume), and then place back the plugins one by one in the original folder, scan, and continue to do so until it crashes. You've then established your faulty plugin.
  13. Bulker

    Bulker - Aparkat

    https://beatexs.com/7p9w7jsphub1 Free download for reaching 600 followers on my SoundCloud. Follow me for more music is incoming!
  14. Bulker

    Phiso & Crowell vs. Nexu5 - Jowell

    So is Nexu5 the original creator? Or did he recreate it from scratch? It's spot on, but then again it's 'just' Rusko - Cockney Thug(Caspa Remix)(Crowell Remake) with Jotaro synths editted on. I always loved his mash-ups and edits. That Infekt X Hedex track was mental.
  15. Yo, read your PM please :)

    1. Ganjastep


      sorry dude, been living under a rock lately :p 

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