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  1. kabel

    Liquid V Summer Vibes Dum and Bass

    my bad, these two are missing. CD1 14. Dramatic & Deeizm - Here With You CD1 24. Dave Owen - Red Sky at Night
  2. kabel

    Liquid V Summer Vibes Dum and Bass

    Missing: Peshay - Boogaloo and Dave Owen - Red Sky at Night Do you have these?
  3. kabel

    do you like Drum and Bass?

    Thanks! slowly working my way back into it.. haha
  4. Hello boys and girls, I have never introduced myself.. but I am Kabel. I like all music.. but DNB is my jam. Been playing records and messing around with production since '99. Here is my soundcloud acct... I also have a DNB soundcould account that has nothing but FREE music from the artists. ENJOY! Check it out here -
  5. kabel

    Intelligent Manners - The Movement LP

    re up ? PLEASE!!
  6. kabel

    Pendulum - Masochist

    re-up please?
  7. kabel

    Pendulum - Masochist VIP

    Re - up?

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