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  1. mypszi

    Urbandawn - Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)

    I have no problem with the vocal, obviously it's not John Lennon, but who cares tbh... Bass is the only matter in this case https://mixstep.co/wuk6eumpn1fx
  2. mypszi

    Eazy - Clown Feet

  3. mypszi

    Benny Page - Brass Knuckles

  4. mypszi

    Wilkinson - All For You (Macky Gee Remix)

    The scene is refreshing over and over again all I don’t like is when someone like Macky Gee using up of his sound many times by pressing down different notes on his piano roll... That makes it boring!!!!
  5. mypszi

    Nero - Electron

    @Karlc https://mixstep.co/tmw69yqj33mo
  6. mypszi

    Heist - Iacon LP

    No problem mate, I'm not the man who judges here 😉 You probably will reup legit one when your CD arrives, won't you?
  7. mypszi

    Protohype & Dirt Monkey - Bop Bop

    Exactly, freedom of speech... So we all can say we don't wanna read at every second post "mp3 bro" "nope" "shit" "zip". What Frnch wanted to say I guess that most of us simply having enough of leeches here who are actually don't distribute but in exchange fill up comment section with negative vibes, and yes, this site doesn't need it. I hate dubstep since 2013-14 but don't come here and push into everyones face whenever there is a new shit comes out. Sorry, free speech.
  8. mypszi

    Heist - Iacon LP

    Well, that cover is just proper suck Unveil source a little bit :O
  9. mypszi

    Fourward - Modest Burka

    https://mixstep.co/7epcvgdxr9vc https://mixstep.co/jzootamxgroi
  10. mypszi

    Wilkinson - All For You (Macky Gee Remix)

    Finally he left that shitty sound behind... Hope not only for one release!
  11. mypszi


    Yeah mate when I’ll have some time I fix that mistake
  12. mypszi

    Fox Stevenson - Go Like (D&B Remix)

    The problem for me doesn’t come from distortion, it’s being mushy at the beginning than Tour comes... Simply hurts ears, that’s what I was gonna say
  13. mypszi

    Fox Stevenson - Go Like (D&B Remix)

    I’m still asking for instrumental tracks from him, this sounds like a castrated Macky Gee tune.
  14. mypszi

    303 Project - Creator

    Winnie The Pooh and Axel F are very sick tunes too! Was thinking to upload that album in FLAC but didn’t want to risk the hate it’d bring haha..
  15. mypszi

    Bensley - Kilauea

    He’s done enough to the scene by releasing Next Generation back in 2015, all producers have their ups and downs...This is just one of his forthcoming LP, I think we’ll find some good tracks on it!

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