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  1. mypszi

    IndiAlman - Waves

    This is just a beautiful track! Thanks for it!
  2. mypszi

    ShockOne - Til Dawn

    During his time in the scene he pretty much did every style within electronic music, only reason we can't say how much he's dipping cause he probably doesn't release every song... Obviously this keeps him above other producers similar to Culture Shock or Sub Focus... This is the only reason I listen Mainstream dnb mostly, in my opinion mainstream equal high standard.
  3. This is my favourite when they let you know about all the tracks around it...
  4. mypszi

    ShockOne - Til Dawn

    I love him, he’s still able to renew after many years and attemptions in other genres..
  5. mypszi

    Cyantific - Welcome to the Future VIP

    Oh please Cyantific, get off from that foghorn bandwagon!!!!
  6. mypszi

    SebastiAn - Beograd

    This version is just shit compared to the one on youtube... Such a shame!
  7. mypszi

    SebastiAn - Beograd

  8. mypszi

    Smooth - Upside Down

    Freebie https://beatexs.com/vpcmbifw1u43
  9. mypszi

    Crystal Clear & Zen - Heavy [V.I.P.]

    We all appreciate your enthusiasm of reposting older tunes, however rules are rules.. Please use search bar before uploading and post all exesting track into their OP (original post)!
  10. mypszi

    The Vibe

  11. mypszi


    @DJ RUDZY B @milo111 Does Jinx's track sound like a preview for you too lads?
  12. mypszi

    Imaginary Friends - The Warp

    It could've been in tech also, but deffo on the edge of both.
  13. mypszi

    Joe Ford - The End

    I wouldn’t say we need more, think “rollers” are simply jump up with certain drum patterns (and foghorn ). However I deffo say it’s confusing to have a same name topic within its genre. Lets call it Mainstream/Dancefloor, I think it would make sense for most of the members.
  14. mypszi

    Joe Ford - The End

    It’s been already written down on topic rule which tunes belong to this topic, and it actually mentions artists such as Netsky, Pendulum or Chase and Status. This topic rule was posted in 2012 since than there were a lot of changes within dnb, new genres have been founded so we can see a bit clearer what’s going on with subgenres. I think the best definition of this topic is: everything you guess people would listen in radio. I don’t agree anymore with the word “Crossover”, thanks to many of the presets and VST’s basically every genres take over something from another, this is simply not accurate anymore! Levela plays Tech/deep recently and some of Camo and Krooked’s stuffs I’d rather put into experimental than dnb... Never seen such a mess within a genre like in dnb before..
  15. mypszi

    Joe Ford - The End

    No worries mate, I’m not only talking about this post in particular, Drum and Bass topic is simply confuses every new member also as that is the genre rather than a subgenre... If people saw the expression of any of the both above they might be making a try of looking after what it means or how to define.. Now it’s just everything between 170-180 for some of us and more job for mods.

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