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  1. mypszi

    Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Kanine Bootleg)

    You'll listen once, play twice.. Than forget..
  2. mypszi

    Fox Stevenson - Go Like (D&B Remix)

    There is one brand hates FLAC for sure, it's called Pioneer
  3. mypszi

    Pendulum - Spiral

    Source: Greg's Stuff https://beatexs.com/nefxhuxm7bjs
  4. mypszi

    Pendulum - Ulterior Motive

    This EP was never released as digital, source is Greg's Stuff on youtube. He claims he's got it from Paul " El Hornet " Harding for listening purpose... Seeing how much effort he puts into remastering and editing their works, I can believe to him! https://beatexs.com/n72hl7ibtvsz
  5. mypszi

    Pendulum - Timelapse

    If anyone wants endless Pendulum flow, check out this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaemdm0V9tMltThyRxi0u7g Guy's just having very good versions on old tunes and most of his videos are supported with available downloads... Pretty talented in ripping tbh
  6. mypszi

    Current Value - Remorse (Feat. Coppa)

    I have that remix, believe me that’s a “must have been done”! Only problem it’s sounds shit when you mix it...
  7. mypszi

    Current Value - Remorse (Feat. Coppa)

    I didn’t say he’s doing wrong obviously I listen these rather than those hell of a crossbreeds
  8. mypszi

    Pendulum - Timelapse

    Yeah! I agree on this, seeing Knife Party it’s hard to believe that Rob is demotivated because of trash tho That formation is just a dead end to him he should see it, but money is our lord. I’m happy with C&S, still have hope in Sigma!
  9. mypszi

    Pendulum - Timelapse

    Please don’t do this we won’t have posting slots by the evening... I very like whatever they did up till 2006/8 but after that they just lied down to commercial and produced a lot of trash... Ok it sells much better obviously but they would have had the right money without that I’m pretty sure! In my opinion whenever an artist/band go popular they simply waste their power of talent in order 20% more share on a track. Take a look on Chase & Status! I think they just realised where they belong! Hope Rob Swire will soon too!
  10. mypszi

    Pendulum - Timelapse

    Yes, in your opinion.. They really should play tennis!
  11. mypszi

    Pendulum - Timelapse

    Nah mate, five years later they were playing popular radio shit...
  12. mypszi

    Laserkraft 3D - Nein Mann

    Ich möchte sehr...
  13. mypszi

    Tobax - Blur Effect

    https://beatexs.com/3h17ji06de33 https://beatexs.com/8iwjgjh4jt02
  14. mypszi

    Pendulum - Timelapse

    The mother of Another Planet (not a VIP), it's been turned into the version you can hear on its LP. At this time (2003) Pendulum was playing drum and bass. https://beatexs.com/iwqwmgjzmyqv
  15. mypszi

    Hans Zimmer - Inception (Junkie XL Remix)

    Shit I already bought it 😢 Thank you darling!

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