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    Noisia - Cloudshine

    @X-certI knew I know this name from somewhere Thanks, add some tracklist too next time!
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    Giganti - Peacock Strut

    https://mixstep.co/hontjojpb9kj https://mixstep.co/c2a7zs6fdtbc Another example of a quality tune with bad SPEK...
  3. https://mixstep.co/7qvu783dzmen
  4. https://mixstep.co/37gg7iyutjby https://mixstep.co/98qanxhss6f4
  5. mypszi

    Post Malone - Rockstar (OSGD Remix)

    Without vocals it could be a good tune...
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    Benny L - Monsters (Sub Zero Remix)

    Did FALCON show receipt? Just jokin...
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    WAV Source : CD https://mega.nz/#F!ZlsRxbQT!_tvk5Gr2Lo97iagSWTfvOA https://mixstep.co/wkmonzt15m64 https://mixstep.co/dr0d1tyqz0ry https://mixstep.co/msmoyceel39l https://mixstep.co/xl4nqng8dexp https://mixstep.co/k7f2gdbrrxyn https://mixstep.co/ntrdy2k63n67 https://mixstep.co/vkui1mzg388o https://mixstep.co/28xeun3xe2rx https://mixstep.co/etggw3szkgld https://mixstep.co/w5p7jkyi1e91 https://mixstep.co/rsv0gza23wkq https://mixstep.co/w8fv3pbzcgsi https://mixstep.co/yhmtzqrebx56 https://mixstep.co/o4bwq1p0tyoy
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    Emperor - Box Cutter EP

    Well, I can't see difference between Dissolution's mp3s however as I previously mentioned nowadays there is no difference (or only a tiny one) as many of them are EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Only thing you can filter if there is any metadata saying info on leaker's team/page just like Freake.ru does or posting before release date. On Lossless' SPEK you can see that the mp3 converted result will be looking bad/ alike transcode. Sorry, but our eyes isn't enough from now on... Ps: I converted this from FLAC to mp3 by LAME, it looks same to me. Beatport says: "Our MP3s are encoded at 320 Kbps CBR (Constant Bit Rate) using a LAME encoder. 320 kbps is the highest possible bit rate setting a LAME encoded mp3 file can have, and this higher bit rate generally results in superior sound quality as well as a closer representation of the original sound." It means you won't get better mp3 result, obviously please don't take it that it's legit to post transcodes!!!
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    At least one man liked it in 1 year
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    Taxman - Echo Vibes

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    Nero - Promises (Skrillex VIP)

    Was this ever released or just a dub?
  12. Big up to Dj Fresh for making BBK happen for so long!!! https://mixstep.co/dj62pbcuu1ax https://mixstep.co/xrgu3tvhp6xn
  13. Does anyone have a good version on its Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix?
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    Blaine Stranger - Body & Mind (Club Master)

    I always wonder what Club Master means..
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    B-Complex - Girl With Flower

    I can't open these.. Is it only me???
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    Chase & Status - Delete / Big Man Skank (VIP)

    They are on a much better way now!!! Thanks
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    DC Breaks - Mankind

  18. https://mixstep.co/89bsdbi8euir
  19. mypszi

    The Beast is Here

    If someone accept other members requests and advices probably never get harm... I don't have any problem with posting a lot, what I'm hurt by is if certain members don't search before posting hereby make other people confident to do the same thing like it's ok. Even SPEK can be tricky for most of us sometimes! Please follow the rules and don't be offended by any words here, we all went through on these mistakes!!! Welcome!
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    Bou Sub Killaz - Starburst

    There is no other opponent probably this week Just jokin’, thanks for Wav!
  21. Kinda Sub Focus Nice anyway, I’d prefer some instrumental on this!
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    Culture Shock - Get Physical

    https://mixstep.co/15d37benxxbw https://mixstep.co/p2diid8zm7t8
  23. https://mixstep.co/6a9t24qsmn36 https://mixstep.co/uwu6hzp406nf
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    Nero - Satisfy (Koncept Remix)

    I think he’s 1991 now... probably still unreleased.