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  1. mustard

    PhaseOne & Koven - Lost

    Fockin get IN SON YES BOYYY. Love for the upload x
  2. mustard

    A K A - Your Love

    Skeptical vibes here. Banger
  3. mustard

    Kiril - Stock Hatsow

    Never heard of Kiril... what a fucking beast. Thanks for uploading x
  4. mustard

    Enrico Sangiuliano - By Train EP

    Those Hertz remixes are unbelievable ? thank you so much!
  5. mustard

    Jonny L - In A Jungle (BCee Remix)

    @Becspretty sure this is more Jungle than Liquid due to drums and bassline. Bcee normally produces liquid but this isn't
  6. mustard

    TC - Bs4 (Original Mix)

    Only half-decent track out of the new TC bunch imo. Thanks for the uploads all the same, legend!
  7. This is fat asf! Nice one bro
  8. mustard

    Dawn Wall - I See U

    This is liquid I would say, thanks for the upload though!
  9. mustard

    Nero - Act Like You Know

    @[email protected] under the bridge, but my point is that this forum is incredible and doesn't have a long way to go before it's spot on, but the search feature lets it down big time. Although you say I didn't search hard enough for the song, why should it be the case that I have to search hard for it? I changed the search criterias and used the "Thread Title" option and nothing popped up so what else am I supposed to do? This may well be a popular song (years ago) but I didn't post it for likes. I would still happily post songs and get zero rep from it. Just want to share with everyone. I'm not a massive post heavy user but I do so when I can. @Gattsu I wasn't reffering to your attitude mate, more the attitude of heavy posters who put down the new guys because we haven't been here very long. Does that make me less valued in the community then? Because if it doesn't people need to calm their tits when it comes to having a go at the "little guy" or no one will want to be a part of this movement anymore, ya get me?
  10. mustard

    Nero - Act Like You Know

    @mypszi wannabe like-hunter? I couldn't give two shites if I get likes. It's all about sharing music with people - delete me or take my "reputation" haha! Music is for sharing and the scene is supposed to be about respect, love and unity. Allow the negativity.
  11. mustard

    Nero - Act Like You Know

    @mypszi @Gattsu maybe you should look at improving your search bar then instead of having a go at me? Seeing as it didn't come up for me even when changing the search options... Don't come at me when I'm trying to share a song I love with people of similar taste when after I SEARCHED for it, it didn't come up. What's getting out of control is the attitude of certain members of this forum that think it's any more than a place for like-minded music lovers to share with each other (in a high quality way). Cheers
  12. mustard

    Nero - Act Like You Know

    An absolute classic that I didn't see uploaded here! Thought it would be nice to revisit some of my old collection. Enjoy gang https://beatexs.com/cyebrhbtae5n
  13. mustard

    Euphonique - Ms Fatty Remix

    Intelligent production! Big up
  14. mustard

    Lookas & Krewella - Alarm (Signal Remix)

    @666 you saucy lil fucker this is beaut
  15. Re up https://beatexs.com/ryamkr8x11bq

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