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  1. seattlecidal

    Protohype & Dirt Monkey - Bop Bop

    freedom of speech has nothing to do with this situation at all, lol.
  2. seattlecidal

    Wuki - Afraid 2 Rave

    lmaoooo so true
  3. seattlecidal

    Slumberjack - Daggers (Slumberjack & Ëmmë Vip)

  4. seattlecidal

    TLZMN - Blackout

    This belongs in the dnb section, less than a minute of it is halftime.
  5. seattlecidal

    Kayoh & LSDream - Rekt

    this song slaps hard tho
  6. seattlecidal

    Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland - Lost My Mind (Jeanie Flip)

    Jeanie's a fuckin savage. Edit: Oof that second verse is clipping so hard tho.
  7. it's definitely a breaks track lol, it's just faster. there's no rule that says breakbeats can't be at 150. dubstep is a halftime beat structure, this is not.
  8. seattlecidal

    Soap Dodgers - Unleashed

    reupped https://beatexs.com/ur54lmx8gdmh
  9. seattlecidal

    VA - New Energy Vol.1 [Critical Music]

    I've been waiting for this Sam Binga & Was A Be track for so long.
  10. seattlecidal

    Barbarix, Blockdodger & Volatile Cycle - Manifest

    this is beyond ill
  11. seattlecidal

    Troyboi - Say Yea

    @Arkaid13 tbh i didnt even make it far enough for the second drop, wasn't feeling the tune.
  12. seattlecidal

    Troyboi - Say Yea

    This isnt really trap..
  13. seattlecidal

    The Prodigy - Need Some1

    Wouldn't really call this halftime. Glad it isn't as bad as I was expecting it to be though.
  14. seattlecidal

    Blastfome - Kontact

    An instrumental would still be dope

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