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  1. I deleted your Shy FX post because its already up



  2. cheers fella, appreciate it

  3. Big up n bless for sharing the ukg singles packs nice 1... Ive left my vote for you!!!!

  4. Yeah bro im doing good man! bsbt no loger going but inno kev started a site up but its shit mate tbh lol... be good if ya get a site running again bruv... if you do give me a shout nice to see ya still about Bless!

  5. Think ive already got it some where in my collection! So i wont pay for it again will try get it uploaded for you soon!

  6. hey man, please can you get a track for us? It's Called "No Diggity" By Scotty Boy And Lorenzo, If you dont Have it its available on

  7. Malibu yeah it was moved,,, thanks anyways buddy!

  8. now worries mate, no ones upset. we all just want this site to run smoothly. thanks alot for all the recent jackin posts. i can delete the comments once the threads are fixed. and yes normally a private message is much better, maybe include something in the thread saying, "PM me if there are any concerns" thanks again. (ganja5)

  9. Ok got your message Will do next time when uploading!!! Im new on this site Realy and just getting to grips With the uploading melarky... Its very different on this site & i now know now what i have to do when uploading via rules... Just looks like some people have got it in for me atm... idk why Because they dont know me? Only just started uploading 2 days!!! Sorry for inconvenence caused mate!!! If people messaged me that some thing was wrong with my uploads then i would have put it right.... It makes me look bad when its posted on my uploads & its not fair... Wish people would pm me first so i can get it sorted out..... thanks for being understanding Silva...

  10. hey man, take a look at our rules before posting. always use search and 320 kbps only.

  11. Thanks man :) upload some good bouncy tech house stuff if u have aswell ;) just lemmi know

  12. hello there,,,,

    Admin or A mod to remove posts ive made mistkes with in Uk Jackin theres 2 posts ive uploaded today... Please take in account im new to uploading to this site... And will try to be more carefull next time i decide to upload tracks!!! Thank you for being Silva b...

  13. I see someone else already moved it ;)

  14. Hello,,, Can you please move a post for me... its in uk jacking called Mr. Membreak - Jackin... needs to go in fidget many thanks