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  1. Mich

    Zomboy - Hide N' Seek

    @apocolyps755 que? I feel like dubstep was at its absolute worst this year imo. and a big factor is the existance of literally just 2 labels that matter. I was kinda hyped up front for that Lost & N-Type single, turns out to be the same shit disciple has been running all year. Creativity is very lackluster lately. Hence why the only dubstep tunes I have on my phone are some old Nero and Trolley Snatcha tunes. And as long as NSD & Disciple are gonna keep running the scene, I don't predict any improvements. I mean, anytime I hear BadKlaat come out with another shitty EP, my heart just crumbles more and more.
  2. Mich

    Benny L - Monsters (Sub Zero Remix)

    @curtgavin Yeah, i'm honestly not sure with all the Benny L and Serum alike stuff.
  3. Mich

    EDM Listeners

  4. Mich

    Manuxia - Indigo (Original Mix)

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  5. Mich

    Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire (ERKAL BOOTLEG)

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  6. Mich

    Dyzlexic - Frostbite (Ice Cold)

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  7. Mich

    Protostar & Muzzy - Meltdown

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  8. Mich

    No Concept Feat. Bizarre - Weirdo

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  9. Mich

    No Concept - 4 Dayz

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  10. Mich

    No Concept - Fingers

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  11. Mich

    No Concept Feat. Arte- Nowhere To Hide

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  12. Moved to Neuro, unless you disagree ofc.
  13. Mich

    DJ Limited - The Beginning

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