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  1. can you hook me up with those leaked phex tracks? I lost all of my riddim lol

    1. Mich


      rip HD? i'll prepare something by tomorrow

  2. please center that guides to transcode text in your sig.

    OCD can't handle it :s

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    2. Mich


      meh, no problem. Got money to throw around anyway

    3. Mich


      well, cancel it for now.

      I recently switched banks and got some issues with Paypal due to that, should be solved within a few days. But can't buy any shit right now it seems..

    4. Gattsu


      Ahh its okay bud, shit happens!

  3. I think I'm going to like you.

    I remember the days where I used to spam the Liquid D&B section.. Good days lmao.

    1. Liquidyogi


      it forces me to finally go thru and catalog some of shit correcctly finally also so its a win all around cuz lord knows ill keep putting it off like ive done for years. lolol

    2. Mich


      I feel you.

      I once had it all done, then work happened. And now everything is a clusterfuck and i'm probably overlooking all the gems in there.

    3. Liquidyogi


      dude work, procrastation, you name it ive pulled it off, example ive been wondering who made one of the tracks that i play out at shows sometimes for like 6-7 yrs. I just started maybe an hour and said im really going to do and found the damn artist in like 5 mins! im just glad im only doing wats on my laptop and not the 3 others hdd lying around yet.

  4. Hey Doe,

    I'm stupidly busy with work at the moment.

    I'll send you over the Kimyan Law LP tomorrow if that's ok for you, then I finally got weekend (or whatever that's left of it, lmao).

  5. :wave:

    1. Mich


      Hola man,

      Long time no talk. How ya doin?

    2. doelicious


      I've been good, u? Got any good liquid recommendations for me? :)


    3. Mich


      Apart from the fact that it's 4:24 am now and I have to head to work, everything is excellent.

      And of course man! I will make you a list when I get home from work.


    Saw you asking for more Liquid.

    I present you this, no more is needed.


    If you still need more, hmu

  7. Did you check out Himalia's album already? big thing

    1. doelicious


      @Mich the one from about a couple months ago? oh yes, very nice variety of tunes on there.

      Have you heard this Liquid tune by him? Been trying to find it for a couple weeks now, so fucking smooth :ganja3:

  8. Moved to F.I.R.E 

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    2. Cancel


      Congrats on the promotion, Mich.

    3. Raf1nad



    4. doelicious


      Congrats brotha!

  9. if you have winrar installed, normally when you select a couple of files and right click it, it has a 7-zip option. from there you can either compress it as 7z or zip. most preferably zip.

  10. i honestly never figured out how, ill be back in three hours if you can explain!

  11. I should have that yeah, i'll look into it later tonight.

  12. ayyy, you da real mvp.

    Thanks man!

  13. Mister, did you happen to grab the Four Tet Remix of Eric Prydz - Opus?