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  1. chill trap, rnb https://mixstep.co/wvrjlqmdc0xh
  2. FrnchPAir

    West Coast Bass Genre Addition

    The new sub-genre Leftfield Bass has replaced Experimental. I will move all tracks suggested after a quick review. You may report any additional Posts with the report button, and start creating Topics/posts in the newly named section. Thanks for everybody's [email protected] @twonb1tc4 @Monster Juice @mrchefsucks
  3. FrnchPAir

    Bandlez - Together Again

    Im surprised its not called VIP
  4. https://mixstep.co/yeqlexkf1xbr
  5. FrnchPAir

    Kanine - Wasted

  6. FrnchPAir

    Buku - To Ya Brain

  7. FrnchPAir

    Vorso - Archipelago

    Single released on Inspected https://mixstep.co/oolvb4ktjrvj
  8. FrnchPAir

    thook - Noise LP

    @ElectroBoyOfficial The LP is right here ->
  9. FrnchPAir

    Nitti Gritti & TYNAN - Holy Chit

    Nitti Gritti so diverse, and TYNAN with the heavy is a great combo
  10. FrnchPAir

    L.U.X - Delta EP

    This is a really good Black Label release
  11. FrnchPAir

    Saint Punk - Menace

    love the energy Saint Punk brings
  12. For being so consistent in the field of trap, hip/hop, and dubstep (content count over 6000), and being a great member who brings so much quality (file type, opinions, positivity, and careful taste) you are now F.I.R.E.

    1. Arkaid13


      I'm in love x

  13. FrnchPAir

    Heist - Iacon LP

    @mypszi @Karlc @X-cert flac is up
  14. FrnchPAir

    Adam F - Circles (Pola & Bryson Bootleg)

    @Jimb0_Ala i dont have much to trade, but would appreciate a copy as well thanks!

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