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  1. Kontexx

    Simula - The End

    thanks for this, have you got the full ep ?
  2. Kontexx

    Lower - Do It (Kaonashi Special)

    this tune is fuckin nutttsssss, wonder why it was released
  3. Kontexx

    Why is there no Bassline section ?

    nothing like any of the artists i posted, really surprised no-ones posted any Off Me Nut Records music...
  4. Kontexx

    Why is there no Bassline section ?

    yeah there is a 4x4 section, but is nothing like the 140bpm wonky bassline that come out alot of Off Me Nut Records style bassline.
  5. All the Off Me Nut Records crew: Superior Cornrows, Phatworld,,Squires of Gothos, Thorpey, Sekt 87, Holy Goof etc.....
  6. Kontexx

    Dub Motion - Side Effect

    any chance of a re-up of this, huge tune thanks!
  7. Kontexx

    R2D2 & Madcore - Get High

    thanks for the up, but has anyone got mp3 ?
  8. Kontexx

    Decimal Bass - XTC

    Thanks for the upload, the whole album would be ruddy lovely though :)

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