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  1. Hi mate, it's good to be back here again to CLLV :D

  2. Hello there! Went through some stuff on my HDD and found some of your mashups .. Truly amazing stuff there .. Do you have any new on the way in or is the podcast the target from now on?

  3. Hello sir, enjoy my latest mixes. let me know if you like it :)

  4. Wazzzuppp bro. Long time no visited this forum.

    I have some gift for ya!

  5. You still need to add zippyshare link for your threads .. I know about the problem with them taken down but rules are rules .. Moved your post to progressive house for the moment but please just add zippys in the future :)

  6. recommend me new tunes bro, I'm working on some tribute for ASOT650ID

  7. Hey dude. Hoping you could do a re-up of Mark Knight's remix of If You Got It? The original poster is banned :/ Gracias!

  8. Hello sir, here's my latest podcast for february 2014

    Head on to if you want to stream it :D

  9. Heyooo buddy here's my latest podcast

    Head on to if you want to stream it :D

  10. It only says permission denied when trying mediafire .. can you send my another link or anything?