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  1. dude havent been trolling in a while cause my computers was broken....find me some rape music i like cause i cant find shit lol

  2. FUCKING GOLD(ganja5)(approve)

  3. dirty bass re upped

  4. Please Vote For Me!!! :D Would Mean So So Much!!!


  5. If you still have AFK - Shotcalla, I would greatly appreciate a re-up!

  6. Thanks for this fast re up , really !

  7. Re upped / Schema - Audio Asylum & Le Lion - Annunaki (Mr Mt Remix)

  8. I re-upped Razihel - Musashi, thanks I forgot how sick that was

  9. Can you Reup Schema - Audio Asylum? and possibly Annunaki as well if you have it :)

  10. welcome, brother.

  11. Back to normal, haha.


  12. thank you friend :D

  13. nice elite beast!!