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  1. PlatyBass

    Traumatize - Stereo Yout

  2. PlatyBass

    My DJ Competition Entry D&B

    Thank you for the feedback! 😊 The distortion issue is probably because I recorded through audacity which gave me a weak signal, so exported into Ableton, added gain and stuck a limiter on it, I only listen back 30 odd seconds before saving it but after, I did also notice some distortion at the intro after uploading. 😣 The transitions into hip hop was actually part of the song, but I have done transitions from 175-130 BPM few times before, I try my best to spice things up and not be repetitive. I find my main worry is timing... I always end up bringing in the odd songs a few milliseconds out of time and taking upto 10 seconds trying to work out if its too fast or too slow.. I've been mixing for a few years now and I can still never get it perfect. So far I've played at 3 events through general networking. Currently trying to figure out how to take the next step up after perfecting the general DJ skills. Y'know, stand out! Get people that want to hire you, that kinda stuff 🤣
  3. PlatyBass

    My DJ Competition Entry D&B

    If anything.. I'm here for feedback! https://soundcloud.com/user-636040738/gully-riddimz-dj-competition-18012019
  4. PlatyBass

    Subsonic - Do Your Thang (Original Mix)

    @Emily Coming in again with the big ones!
  5. PlatyBass

    SIMULA - Meat Grinder

    Thank you! 😎
  6. PlatyBass

    T>I & Current Value - Blue Lagoon (Original Mix)

    Links down any chance of a re up?
  7. PlatyBass

    Childish Gambino - Redbone (Wahuu UKG Remix)

  8. PlatyBass

    Banzai - Be Good VIP

    Goodness me! 😍
  9. PlatyBass

    Vital - The Rig Killer EP

    FLAC https://mixstep.co/rsthh289t755 https://mixstep.co/ypjpz5yd7ahl https://mixstep.co/813k97y0tfwk https://mixstep.co/69co24vrwfax https://mixstep.co/57k5xxvxg4k8
  10. PlatyBass

    Used ft. Banzai - Wake Up

  11. https://soundcloud.com/p1t4k-dnb/beatles-come-together-urbandawn-bootlegcut
  12. https://mixstep.co/edelbuuv9d5o
  13. PlatyBass

    Kanine - Bloody Knuckles

    https://mixstep.co/0hd4rwsngaod Part of 'Low Down Deep 100'
  14. PlatyBass

    DJ Limited & Saxxon - Way Back

  15. PlatyBass

    Simula - One Second


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