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  1. IIIu6ko

    opus 256 = mp3 320?

    @HazlThe problem is that OPUS ~ 256 can be downloaded from YouTube. And if it is almost no different from 320 mp3, then what's the point of waiting for release in stores? This is no longer 192 and not even 256, it is already very close to what you can buy in the store. (talking about 320 mp3)
  2. IIIu6ko

    Upgrade - Real (feat. Bassman)

  3. IIIu6ko

    Upgrade - All It Needs To Be

  4. IIIu6ko

    Fascad - Blocks

    https://beatexs.com/rbb957iyv5c9 https://beatexs.com/gzaio7vimdjy https://beatexs.com/27gtjmac5p3h https://beatexs.com/o2tfpem69qjx
  5. IIIu6ko

    Askel & Elere - Yeah Alright EP

    https://beatexs.com/vo4tb4t57zmt https://beatexs.com/5tybuf7wz2re https://beatexs.com/9tiqe73tv7m3 https://beatexs.com/wfhklqce6ydk
  6. IIIu6ko

    VA - Jet Star Meets Hospital

    https://beatexs.com/3xwo28hcyjaq https://beatexs.com/0fm5di4cpu3q https://beatexs.com/f2crhnyn1cgi https://beatexs.com/w3qfy9ran86o https://beatexs.com/x5cfkv0glurj https://beatexs.com/a4akd592skrz https://beatexs.com/dyc2p9v1bvaj https://beatexs.com/bkhjlsdq770m https://beatexs.com/8goigj7925sw https://beatexs.com/x4x4ukwhru50 https://beatexs.com/izvv1qh9np1s https://beatexs.com/46vdahvp4686 https://beatexs.com/0fm5di4cpu3q https://beatexs.com/1qbwfmva37vv https://beatexs.com/serllks9tni5 https://beatexs.com/c1ip9589g7bp
  7. IIIu6ko

    VA - Black Box

    https://beatexs.com/cekhm7rlmea5 https://beatexs.com/oyfmvvth9h96 https://beatexs.com/vm1qjc5cvz1i https://beatexs.com/q82ooof0za38 https://beatexs.com/jsabz44ejfx6 https://beatexs.com/z7ckyr7cqc21 https://beatexs.com/4dabb6kwfc4z https://beatexs.com/bgvsduneeirw https://beatexs.com/ks7j9ti2if53 https://beatexs.com/9hqp29sqz7lp
  8. IIIu6ko

    Insomniax - How Does It Feel

  9. https://beatexs.com/ep9ehy0suo04 https://beatexs.com/49rkn6bnsiqw
  10. IIIu6ko

    opus 256 = mp3 320?

    OPUS https://beatexs.com/suxk40dwap5x MP3 https://beatexs.com/k1nuvsydmu8e
  11. IIIu6ko

    Drum & Bass Calendar [August 2019]

    12.08.2019 Mean Teeth - Bring Back The Funk LP (Part 3) [C4C Recordings|C4CDIGUK059] (be) https://beatexs.com/loly0gwhgope https://beatexs.com/oonz9b0ihbnd https://beatexs.com/l01utfzxtr5v https://beatexs.com/96kjdukb9ipn
  12. IIIu6ko

    Drum & Bass Calendar [August 2019]

    23.08.2019 Murdock - Dark Cloud (feat. Dynamite MC) (Extended Mix) [Viper Recordings|VPR186EM] \ https://beatexs.com/wprtm34d2v1v https://beatexs.com/govtm9l4lhln
  13. IIIu6ko

    Drum & Bass Calendar [August 2019]

    Collaboration or a remix is possible, as Lenzman has Facebook posts with a cover and teaser on Facebook. We will find out soon.
  14. https://beatexs.com/eissi370eb5z
  15. IIIu6ko

    Nuklear - Sanity Trip EP

    https://beatexs.com/5m1uk18b6xmu https://beatexs.com/owry9houwel7 https://beatexs.com/xpdly5ch5qi6 https://beatexs.com/dryqdv3s0jjy https://beatexs.com/fhn24j7mje2m

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