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  1. Gattsu

    VA - Disciple x Miniladd (The Exclusives)

    thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Gattsu

    VA - Never Say Die Vol. 6

    so what was that BS about SKisM tunes?
  3. Gattsu

    Franky Nuts - With You (Original Mix)

    @▼ØI► this is the subscape/Eddie k style that will NEVER get old
  4. Gattsu

    Krimer - Facebreaker

  5. Gattsu

    Krimer - Facebreaker

    does SKisM still produce at all?
  6. Gattsu

    State of: "TRAP"

    I post dubstep with trap hi-hats influence in the hybrid trap section, trap music at midtempo tempo in twerk and future bass with trap hi hats/kicks in future trap. It's rare I find a song to post that I actually place in the Trap section but it does happen.
  7. Franky Nuts - With You (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/k6xkyr1hl4cr
  8. Gattsu

    Zomboy - Hide N' Seek

    Circus has been low key putting out good dubstep all year.
  9. Gattsu

    Koan Sound - Viridian Dream

    @metalbeast I don't protect anyone or play favourites, I have given warnings out to gold and VIP members in the past. My only friend and the only thing I play favorite to is the music. If you are not paying respect to the music, I will not pay respect to you. It is simple.
  10. Gattsu

    Koan Sound - Viridian Dream

    @metalbeast. This site isn't about saving "100s of dollars" it's about providing the best quality of music possible in the purest of forms. All of the top members have spent thousands on music over the past almost decade now, yet on they never say people should be thankful because of that. If you aren't willing to offer your source then you won't receive the admiration and respect of the community. Posting songs days prior to release without a source will always be met with questions, and of course when the release day comes, your files need to be replaced with actual legitimate files. If youre not even comfortable letting the moderators or administrators know of your sources then this website is NOT for you and you should just leave. I do find it surprising however how someone with apparent connections into the back door of sites like Beatport and Juno that you lack basic genre understanding, or is it the lack of care to post files in the correct sub genres.
  11. Gattsu

    Koan Sound - Viridian Dream

    @metalbeast source?
  12. Gattsu

    Zeds Dead - Lights Go Down (Remixes)

    @metalbeast when you post an album in the album srction you must include every song off the release. Not just the ones that aren't already posted. this has been done for years and has always been the way. This post is essentially incomplete.
  13. Conrank & Dirt Monkey - Level 8 (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/1qujn6yebn2v
  14. Beatcore - In Control (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/fcae7nf3b8rw
  15. Gattsu

    Skrillex - Maad City Ruffneck (VIP)

    @TR0LL probably because none of these are real skrillex tunes and just remakes done by random people on youtube

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