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  1. Don't use the report function for threads that are down

  2. Hey there,

    You reported for the merging of two threads which were apparently the same song. However one was an extended Mix (4:35) while the other thread the file was (3:08). These songs are therefore not the same and shouldn't be merged.

    1. Xplosiv


      Are we really making separate threads for extended and radio versions? Oh god. Well OK than. :ganja2::)

    2. Gattsu


      Yes sir, I've always posted as such since I joined 7 years ago. It makes it easier imo if you're looking for specific versions of said track

  3. Hey there,


    Please stop editing your threads saying delete. Moderators cannot delete threads. Leave the thread as is and report it. It will either be moved to requests if it is not the correct quality. Or merged with the existing thread if one exists.



    1. 3-Phase


      I'm sorry about that, was told that's what I should do. Won't happen again. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hi everyone,

    Wanted to give a little update on my activity or lack there of. I moved to a new apartment and do not have a computer with me. 

    I'm moving to a house in May or June and will then buy a new desktop computer.

    As such I will not be posting any music until then, I'm not completely gone however as I still browse the site on my phone and are here to deal with user reports and help users out as I have always strived to do.

    When I finally get my computer I will be going thru Beatport back to the start of 2018 and buying/posting all songs that haven't been posted onto clubland.



  5. Comments cannot be removed. just edit your comment!

    1. Bulker




  6. Hey, theres no need to merge original / club / extended mixes into one thread. They are individual threads. We wouldn't merge an original and vip thread together as an example

  7. Hey, threads posted in the music sections do not need to be merged with the same song posted in requests

  8. check your pms you madafaka

    1. Ganjastep




  9. Dead Links? If you're on mobile or if cloudsany is down for some reason go with the back up link in the spoiler. 

  10. Thank you for using the report function. In future please include a short message concerning the reason for reporting. This helps us deal with reports faster. Thanks again.

  11. Hey bud, we appreciate you using the report function. But please indicate where the song should be moved to, not just that it is the wrong section. Much appreciated!

  12. Change your signature. its NSFW which violates the rules

  13. you always have prime tunes, man. THANK YOU!

    1. Gattsu


      Only the finest for the finest community

  14. Sorry, i've been a member for a long time but rules change and I want to be clear.


    Are leaks ok? Unreleased tracks? As long as they are appropriate quality?

    1. Gattsu


      Yea there is no rule against posting leaks. Simply include your source and post a picture of the spek 

  15. hey do you still have the Apashe - Copter Boy LP?