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  1. Ganjastep

    Excision & Dion Timmer - Take Me Higher

    Bruh... it's so baaaad Can we get a re-master?! (Said like a Soulful preacher)
  2. Ganjastep

    Cheshire - Liquid Smooth (Original Mix)

    Jazzy Deep? I can dig on this Thanks man
  3. Holy crap! This song is insanely good!!! And what a beautiful blend of Liquid and Deep Dubstep! Seriously big ups for this @Gattsu!
  4. Ganjastep

    Guess who's Back!

    Welcome back brotha
  5. Ganjastep

    Afrojack - Thief

    the one labeled "02-afrojack-thief" is
  6. Ganjastep

    Culprate - The Others EP

    Official Release: Nov 23, 2018 1. Alpha 2. Inside 3. Jelly & Ice-Cream 4. Helter 5. Subsonics 6. Beast 7. No Words (ft. Madison Malone) 8. At the Gates
  7. Ganjastep

    CllV Radio

    arranging some artwork but we should put something on there for now PM me your most recent mix (+Tracklist) and I will get it up there
  8. Ganjastep

    KOAN Sound - Polychrome LP

    https://koansound.bandcamp.com/album/polychrome Tracklist 1. Cobalt 2. Hustle Hammer 3. Chalk It Out 4. Chilli Daddy 5. Virtual Light 6. Viridian Dream 7. Prism Pulse 8. Hydroplane 9. Jongmyo 10. Drift 11. The Zulla
  9. Ganjastep

    Brennan Heart - Van Halen x MFG (2017 Remix)

    Yeah, that's probably because the Frequency Range is less filtered than today's music. Yes and No... Yes, because the Frequency Range is superior. No, because the bitrate is too low. ...and because the bitrate is too low the file in the OP is inferior. Sidenote: These wonky bitrates (like 304kbps) are often products of Average Bitrate Encoding. ABR can be thought of as VBR 2.0, for simplicity sake, and VBR is not an accepted format.
  10. Ganjastep

    Brennan Heart - Van Halen x MFG (2017 Remix)

    Common misunderstanding, but please allow me the privilege of guiding you on a journey of knowledge. (I'm baked as fuuuuuck) Remeber: Bitrate =/= Frequency Range Meaning: No matter what Bitrate the music file is at, the Bitrate does not affect the Frequency Range. The Bitrate dictates the Quality of the Sound Frequencies within the file. It does not affect the Frequency Range of the file or Sound Frequencies contained within. A filter known as a "Low-Pass Filter" is the most common culprit behind the removal/limitation of Sound Frequencies. This filter will allow all Frequencies, beneath a predetermined KHz, to be written to the new file, and all other frequencies are deleted from the file. Low-Pass Filters are often paired with Non-Lossless encoders due to the fact that lowering the bitrate of a file lowers the quality of the Sound Frequencies of the file. This fact coupled with the fact that Higher Sound Frequencies are, more often-than-not, felt not heard (Just like subbass), deemed the the Higher Sound Frequencies "obsolete" resulting in the removal of the Sound Frequencies. But this is a mistake. Just because the quality of the Higher Sound Frequencies has been lowered does not mean they are useless. Test it yourself if you want. Common low bitrate is 192kbps, this is also the bitrate I used during my experiments, so I recommend using that bitrate. 192Kbps w/Filters vs 192 kbps w/o Filters The audio difference is night and day Journey end
  11. Ganjastep

    Diabeats - Cosmic Funk

    Super sick dude!!
  12. Ganjastep

    Shemian - 1927

    Thanks for this dude
  13. Ganjastep

    CllV Radio

    Mixcloud and Youtube started up... stay tuned
  14. https://mixstep.co/aj7ay1toxia2 fixed. the Mixstep player does not recognize ".MP3", just change it to ".mp3"
  15. Ganjastep

    Caspa - Neurological

    holy fucking christ this tune is amazing!!!

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