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  1. Yo, read your PM please :)

    1. Ganjastep


      sorry dude, been living under a rock lately :p 

  2. hey, i noticed that the "who's that" thread was closed. is there any other way to change my name? thanks in advance!

  3. please PM me when you can @Sunny 

  4. I'm back to surfin at least once a week after getting settle into work. can you reinstall my Mod status? the Electro Soul section needs some work ;) 

    1. Ganjastep


      Welcome Back! :ganja3:

  5. check your pms you madafaka

    1. Ganjastep




  6. Welcome!

    Hello and Welcome to our Community! If this your 1st time here? Click here to create your Account! -
  7. Congratulations on completing the Junior Playground!

    For completing the JP you have been awarded;

    • Free Membership to CllV
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    Welcome to the Family


    1. bashrazalas


      Much Love!  Glad to be apart of it!

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    Welcome to CllV! :ganja3:

  9. It's been nice being a mod. Thank you for the opportunity! I wish the site well.

  10. Your deeds are among that of Myth, CllV wouldn't be where it is today without you!


    FIRE for You! :ganja3:


  11. You are the last member to be promoted in the Old Ways... I tip my hat to you fine sir.


    Welcome to Fire! :ganja3:


    1. 666


      Ahhh many thanks to you my man! Proud to be up there and will continue to contribute as I have been doing so :ganja3:

  12. Really sorry mate I misunderstood the concept (Label Hunter)

    1. Ganjastep


      No worries man! :)

      Can't wait to see your next hunt though, love your uploads!


  13. released on 30th, posted on the 31st? Can i get R for that for example?

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    2. Gattsu


      So just to clarify mate, to participate in this, does the song have to be from the actual date of that day, or can I post things that I did post the day it came out. Sorry if that's confusing, I am confused haha

    3. Ganjastep


      No worries man! I'm always willing to answer any questions anyone might have!


      You can only cash in on threads you started no more than 1 day ago.

      In Label Hunting, it doesn't matter when the release was released, only that it is a new addition to cllv. So you could post a release from 2008 and cash in on it in Label Hunting.

      In New Release Hunting, only releases released Today are eligible.

    4. Gattsu


      Alright thanks mate cheers,  Definitely need to recommend you this EP 


  14. Even among the Elite you prove yourself beyond that, Thank You!


    VIP for You! :ganja3: