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  1. Ganjastep

    opus 256 = mp3 320?

    @IIIu6ko @Xplosiv @Hazl Well just based off what I see in those SPEKs above, MP3 is the superior format here is why, OPUS-256 has; I'll explain more later, gotta take off for a bit
  2. Ganjastep

    Artist you wish would come back?

    Old Funtcase when he had that Takin the Piss and Gorilla Flex feel old Megalodon
  3. Ganjastep

    BLCK LGND & Starman - Another Babe

    you're right. my penis is fucking godly! i shouldn't undersell myself like that. thank you for reminding me to love myself ❤️
  4. Ganjastep

    Dubplates (DUBSTEP, RIDDM, DEEP)

    yooooo about them Widdler plates... PM me
  5. Ganjastep

    BLCK LGND & Starman - Another Babe

    Theoretically They should be the same it's possible that the stream may tamper with quality, but if they have setup so that they are able to stream in legit lossless than it should be the same. with a lossless ripper you could even snag that lossless form but always double spek that spek best way to check is to have the Beatport Lossless Spek and compare it to the Lossless Rip Spek. cuz I'm dank as fuck
  6. Ganjastep

    Keanu Silva - King of My Castle (Don Diablo Edit)

    result of the encoder used some encoders have a compression method that results in a major quality loss, like the one here here is my m4a version https://beatexs.com/yio0lkguc58u
  7. Ganjastep

    SHARPS - Invasion

    this tune is pretty fucking dope
  8. Ganjastep

    Riddim section & Riddim in general.

    fucking love this thread thanks for all the suggestions @Ermahgerd LOLOL been out of the music game for a lil while now, good to have a starting point
  9. Ganjastep

    1st post as MEMBER!

    congrats dude! welcome to the fam!
  10. Ganjastep

    Moody Good - SIXTYSIXTY

    naw man, you good iTunes is an official vendor
  11. Ganjastep

    Getter - Ham Sandwich

    Getter - Ham Sandwich WAV: https://beatexs.com/gzl6h41waopz M4A: https://beatexs.com/gpgthebkz0wo
  12. Ganjastep

    Getter - Ham Sandwich

    @Emily❤️ thank you
  13. Ganjastep

    Terror Reid

    I am looking for everything Terror Reid has and will release I prefer lossless, but MP3 and M4A is always accepted Currently looking for: Bounce Back Buried Alive Press Start Cruisin The Otha Side any lossless of past releases
  14. Ganjastep

    EDC Las Vegas 2019

    i gotta do the CAMP EDC too, fuck it would be cool to have a whole cllv group there! yall need to get out to EDC Las Vegas 2019!!!

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