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  1. Where have you been!?!?!? feel like you've been MIA??? did i miss somethiing or what>

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    2. Cancel


      I always wanted to take a more active role on here, I tried for a good while to make some changes and during that time a good amount of progress was made, but I can only do & say so much.

      Inactive mods needs to go and at least a handful of us regulars on here should be setup to replace them.

      For the sake of not coming here and becoming annoyed, I've been getting my tracks from DB9 & TheMusicFire 

    3. KmOe


      yeeee i remember when you was trying to take action.. it defenitly worked for a little bit. and are there that many inactive mods???  but yeah imma have to check out thoes sites. thanks. 

    4. Sampler1


      yeah, was wondering where you went.

      if you really want to get on the board, show consistency and eventually you'll get on :) 

      hope i see your name out there more :drinks:

  2. Thanks cancel.. wasnt expecting that at all haha.. but yeeeee (lol)

  3. Wasn't expecting that but Thanks ganja!!! Blunts for this!! (ganja3)

  4. ayeeeee grats on gold, that was quick!

  5. You've truly shown yourself to be a Golden part of CllV!

    Gold for You! (ganja3)

  6. haha yeeeeeee (lol)(lol)(lol)(lol) you piece of shieeet.. thanks. keep up the good work, you posting/commenting on the fire.

  7. hey its back did you mention something ???? haha

  8. honestly I have no clue.... it was there one day and gone the next. i only post tunes that i buy from beatport or juno or reputable sites or freebies on soundcloud that the artist give out. thats a good question you ask hahah

  9. What happened to forum donor bro, transcodes?

  10. thanks mang... i love it here.... and of course the music is the best. (rose)(ganja4)

  11. Thank you for being part of the CllV Community!

    Forum Donor for You! (ganja3)